HELLO !! Welcome to Ceephax's virtual home. waltzermusic@googlemail.com for any questions bookings etc

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NEW CEEPHAX VIDEO!!!! Here's my video for my track "National Grid" from Cro Magnox.
27/3/2013 ALBUM RELEASED!!!!

My new album "Cro Magnox" is now out! Listen/Buy here!!! Please share this album if you like....spread the word etc! Thanks for your support..!

20/3/2013 ALBUM NEWS!!

Hi very soon you will be able to purchase my new album "Cro Magnox" on vinyl and digital formats. The album will be released on Weme Records on vinyl, and will be available from my bandcamp too...
Here are a couple of videos as a taster....
20/3/2013 ALBUM NEWS!!

Hi very soon you will be able to purchase my new album "Cro Magnox" on vinyl and digital formats. The album will be released on Weme Records on vinyl, and will be available from my bandcamp too...
Here are a couple of videos as a taster....





Hi I'm doing a 2 track 7" on Waltzer, side B is Mediterranean Acid, here is the video I made. It's pretty summery. Side A will be revealed in a few days.



Ceephax Acid Waltzer MIXES

Hi some people may have heard that Bloc was cancelled and many mega artists didn't get to play on the great Ceephax Acid Waltzer Stage. Some of them will now be sending me mixes of what they were gonna play for your listening pleasure. I will link them here below this post. Starting with Ed DMX's fantastically housey charty cheesy effort!!! GREAT STUFF.


Hello there, how yer doing? You can't answer that can you? Well I hope it's well.
I just put up my Ceeland album released on Waltzer on Bandcamp for sale in wav/flac/mp3
format at a most reasonable price of £2. It also includes original recordings from one of the
Ceeland cassettes in order to give the listener that true tape sound (with bonus hiss).
In other news, I just cut a record for Waltzer, which I will release as soon as it's all pressed and finished! Should be a good one. Bye for now!

mostly finished working on the album now, just got to do things like artwork/videos etc.
In the meantime here's a little video I made.

Hi !! Happy March. Not a lot been going on for me lately except writing choons for a new album, which is getting near completion. Going pretty insane spending months indoors, hopefully it'll be worth it and a couple of people will like it. Anyway a gig coming up next weekend in Marseille which should be fun (check the gig page for details). Also here's a Mediterranean holiday style acid track for your ears. By the way the t-shirts have sold out, I shall make some more soon.
Mediterranean Acid by Ceephax

Happy new year! Here's a track on soundcloud for ya. You can also buy it for £0.50p here at Bandcamp ...I don't know if this is a reasonable price or not, but most mp3s seem to cost more and in the balance I give away quite a lot of music for free as well. It will also enable me once I've made $20 to upload longer mp3s from cassettes such as Funbox and Ceeland, which have not been available on any other format before. I don't know why I have to earn this amount to upload wavs larger than 290 megabytes but there we are.
New gigs are coming in for the year!!! I shall be posting these up on the gigz page.
  Biocarbon Amalgamate by Ceephax


I have here some festive green and red Ceephax T-shirts in multiple sizes.
As they are very limited, please email me at waltzermusic@googlemail.com to
check availability for your size. They come in S, M, L, XL. The prices including postage are UK £15, EUROPE £16.50 WORLD £18.
Payment will be via paypal...Cheers !!
Hope you have a good festive season!



LIVE ALBUM IS HERE TO BUY !!!! Cd's cost only £5 plus postage !! Bargain. Link to buy below. For more info and sound clips check out the advert opposite !!



Hi my live album is being made and should be ready to release pretty soon.

A remix I did of Koyote is now released on an EP available from iTunes and places like that. Listen to the EP on soundcloud on the soundcloud thing opposite.
  Koyote - Midsummer Tales (Remixes) EP by Mixpak
Look ! I made a Tales of the Unexpected cover version.
Plus there's a mailing list at the top of the page now.
Join it, and don't miss out on sporadic bits of information from me !!!
I also have a Twitter account and a Facebook fan page now. Access em with these linx for yet another way to receive the same information in a slightly different format.
Tales of the Unexpected (Clacton Corpse Mix) by ceephax


I have recently participated in a tongue in cheek look
at the inner workings of Ceephax's mind called
"Me, Myself & Me" by Jessica Dickenson.
It's showing at the Hackney Film Festival on sunday 18th September at the Dalston Roof Park, 18 Ashwin Street. More details here:

After a long year's gigging I'm taking some time off for the rest of the year to finish various musical projects, which is exciting for me !
These include:
A LIVE ALBUM CD to be released on my label Waltzer which is in fact completed but not actually manufactured yet.
A STUDIO ALBUM which is probably about halfway made but starting to sound nice.
Possibly a 7 INCH of Capsule in Space with another great theme remake on the B side

As a few people may have noticed I quit my Ceephax Facebook account which should be replaced with an official fan page soon. This is because I do not possess the adequate disciplinth required not to waste time on the afore-mentioned sociability zone.
Myspace has also been deleted because I couldn't fathom how to use it anymore and song plays had withered to about 1 a month hehe.


The address hardcore_crouton@ceephax.co.uk
has been deleted due to incredible amounts of spam. For any gig or release enquiries please contact me at waltzermusic@googlemail.com

I found the lost Ceeland tapes and I am now selling them HERE ONLY !!
They are very cheap at £2.50 plus postage.
There is no box with them, they are red tapes unlike the original white tapes, and there is a small problem with side B in that there is a 45 second gap at the beginning of the side. ENJOY !
NOTE: This has the same content as the previous Ceeland cassette.

 SOlde out  

Hello free 320k download of my Capsule in Space cover version by John Barry HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!
Don't say I never give you anything (whoever you are) hehe...
In return it would be cool if someone could be bothered to rip it onto youtube, so more random people could potentially stumble upon it :)
Thanks !!!


Hi Ceephax Acid Crew coming to the US in July from around the 19th July touring with Benn Jordan +more, please contact mark@alphabasic.com if you want to book !!

The Ceeland cassette has now officially sold out, thanks to all who
bought it, am currently working on other potential Waltzer releases.


Hello ! "The Unstoppable Phax Machine" EP is now out on 030303
records !! Here's a track from it !!


Hi just made this little cover version of "Capsule in Space" by John Barry. Hope you enjoy it !!

  Capsule in Space (Ceephax Cover) by ceephax

Hi check out this interview Vice TV did with me if you want. It's quite funny, got some geeky shots of my studio n synths etc.
Click on the pic or this link.

If you have seen any of the others some of them are quite interesting too.
Thanks to the great crowd last night at XOYO ! I think I'm gonna start playing sober from now on, seems to work better, also nice to remember what I did :)


YO !!!! You can order my new Ceephax Acid Crew EP "The Unstoppable Phax Machine" from Clone Records right now !!!!
Don't hesitate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other News:
Dour Festival, Belgium, confirmed !!!!!!!! Very exciting, should be amazing, also loads of other interesting gigs coming up including a
very cool sounding festival in Croatia this August !!
Please check out the gig page for more info ....

Also come hear me play tonight at XOYO, London with Luke Vibert.

Plus thanks to Bloc and crowd, can't remember playing, heard it was
ok ;)

This carpet is about all I remember in fact.



Yo if you didn't hear this remix I did of Patrick Wolf's brilliant track
"Time of my Life" then here it is !!



Uploaded some music finally, stuff from the old website, and a couple of new'uns. More soon hopefully.


"Hey Andy,

A friend of mine is running nes 8bit versions of photos as part of a new
media art project. We decided to convert a version of a pic we took of you performing @ your last gig in Dublin. Thought I'd email you on a copy as you
might enjoy.

Peace & Fucking..."

Happy New Year !!
Well as you can see I haven't updated the website for quite a long time,
I've been a bit busy moving house twice and general disorganization and upheaval.
Hopefully should be a bit more proactive again soon..

There's some new gig dates up and I should be a bit better at updating them again now.

In the meantime I've done a remix for Patrick Wolf's track "Time of my Life" which I think has been released somewhere..
Also a new EP on 030303 is finished and in the production stages, so watch a space, not sure which one.
Anyway hope you're all well n good and 2011 is a wicked year for ya!!
More news when I think of it !

2 great entries from Holland: this of Klaas +Willem in de hood, chilling to Ceephax choons on a crimson cassette combuster and holding a errr strange hat hehe !

and this one from fah also from the Netherlands, he explains it better than me:

"this picture is a perfect example of what happens when you play Ceephax's music through a modular system. Dr. Fah, seen here lower right corner, plays back the tape, Ceeland in particular, from a PMC-100 and feeds it into a modular and thus the Ceeland tape binder produces a lens flare in it's close environment. This experiment could not have been made possible without the help of Dr. A. Jenkinson."


Matt from Wisonsin sent this heart warmer of Oliver the surround sound hound basking with a Ceeland and a glorious televisual boom box in de place.


Hi I just found a few unboxed copies of Funbox01. Side A by me, Side B by Acid Quiff...These will be sold cheap at £3 plus postage in the shop from now. A rare opportunity ! I have seen boxed versions of this for sale at high prices.

UPDATE: SOLD OUT !!...I may have a few more somewhere in a box, but until I found them it wouldn't be fair to "sell" any more. Those who were lucky enough to get one I will be sending early next week.
I will also have a look about and see if I can find anymore.


Some more pictures of tape decks, tapes and the colourful characters who listen to this kind of music.

So much naked rage here from Ed DMX in an otherwise peaceful Martian scene of a pompom eclipse.

Straight outta Budapest, a beautiful rainy day and some nice obsolete hardware to accompany it. Very Eastern Europe vibe !!
BTW you can get 303+808 t-shirts like the one in the pic here:
Retape attempts to work out the chords from "My Way of Life"
from Ceeland, but is left quite mystified. Maybe coz there aren't any..hehe


Warren sent me this photo from Kentucky Psychiatric Correctional Center where he is known as "The Fear". His fellow inmates have to smuggle him in rare cassettes of obscure music from around the world as it is the only way to reliably placate him. Here is he seen in a state of relative docility.

Cesca from London sent in this pic of her Bell+Howell Filmsound cassette recorder tape player portable audio stereo replication unit, which also illustrates the potential dangers and side effects of listening to Eurostar Acid without the proper safety measures in place.
Another curious tape player picture this time courtesy of Fred Weme, containing an impressive Armada of rare Ceephax cassettes and an Acid Quiff one too. As for the chappy up the top, I honestly have no idea what his problem is, maybe he's acting as some kind of sentinel for the borders of reality which are constantly being marauded by acid sumerians and hardcore babylonians whilst accessing such potent material.
Mike from Honey Ride Me A Goat sent me a picture of "Beatrice", his long serving, reliable and faithful rock of a tape player who keeps him company through the trials of life.

Another great tape player in action !!
incidentally this man is called Landon and he designs yoyos.
Here is his site 3yo3
He has recently designed a yoyo called the "Ceephax" http://www.landonbalk.com/ceephax.html
Pix below !!
The Butcher of Bakersfield sent me this lovely picture of his device for playing the Ceeland cassette on. What do you play yours on ? Please send in pics and I'll put em up here.
Remember if you haven't already got Ceeland, buying it will be a good excuse to have to search out an amazing ghettoblaster like this !! Ipods just don't have that kind of yellow charm.

Website almost finished...Just have to upload some music for the music page and think of something to put on the bitz page...Not sure what it'll be for yet, probably some uncategorizable nonsense !!

Amazing numberplate spotted in Belgium !!
303 ADJ....My initials and 303 together...poyfect..